Bringing together 10 international partners from 6 countries,  deCYPher takes  an interdisciplinary approach by uniting academia, industry, citizens, and non-profit organisations. The project aims to impact various facets in science, economy, and society – fostering citizen-based co-creative innovation.

Ghent University is an open, pluralistic, and socially engaged university. It offers more than 200 programmes and conducts in-depth research within a wide range of scientific domains.
Wageningen University & Research is a public research university, and it is the only university in the Netherlands to focus specifically on the theme ‘healthy food and living environment’.
The Spanish National Research Council is the main agent responsible for implementing the Spanish System for Science, Technology and Innovation.
Isobionics offers access to high-quality, natural aroma ingredients and produces innovative, cutting-edge ingredients based on fermentation technology.
From software development to data sourcing, edge deployment and security best practices, the company’s goal is to provide  businesses with complete end-to-end AI solutions.
Bioart Society is a Helsinki-based association developing, producing, and facilitating activities around art and natural sciences with an emphasis on biology, ecology, and life sciences.
Biofaction is a research and science communication company based in Vienna, Austria, with extensive expertise in science communication, film production, and stakeholder engagement.
Lantana is an early-stage, white biotech company. Their core technology is the engineering of single cellular organisms for the production of bioactive plant compounds.

VIB (the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology) is an entrepreneurial non-profit research institute, with a clear focus on groundbreaking strategic basic research in life sciences. VIB operates across different cities in close partnership with five universities in Flanders.

Barcelona Super-computing Center is the national supercomputing centre in Spain. The BSC specialises in high performance computing  and manages MareNostrum, one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe.