We are thrilled to announce the release of the first video for deCYPher,Innovating Bioprocesses with Microbes and AI”, now available on YouTube. This clip provides an in-depth look at our innovative project, exploring the future of biotechnology and its potential impact on our world.

The video features complimentary interviews with two key scientists who are at the forefront of our project:

  • Marjan de Mey, a distinguished professor and researcher from Ghent University as well as our project coordinator, shares her extensive expertise in biotechnology and discusses the innovative approaches the project is taking.
  • Pieter Coussement, a skilled data engineer from AI tech company ML6, provides insights into the data-driven aspects of our project and highlights the crucial role data engineering plays in the research carried out in deCYPher.

The video explores the groundbreaking research integrating biology and data-driven technologies, which drives the project, and addresses some of the big challenges facing biotechnology. The film focuses on deCYPher’s main objective to create CYP proteins to enhance microbial cell factories. Marjan and Pieter also delve into the ethical and risk implications of the work, offering their expert insights on these important issues. Their perspectives provide a well-rounded understanding of the project’s significance and its potential impact on the future of biotechnology.

Watch the video here: