Our Finnish partners from the Bioart Society, are facilitating a day-long symposium in Espoo, Finland on 6th June 2024 as kick-off for our deCYPher Art-Science collaboration activities (with more info soon to come). 

This symposium brings together artists, scientists and other practitioners to stimulate deeper reflection on the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) techniques and synthetic biology (synbio). With an emphasis on initiating discussion about the opportunities, risks and responsibilities in linking the power of AI/ML with synbio, and ethical and aesthetic dimensions of such ventures, the forum highlights the value of involving artistic and critical practices in the development of this technology. 

The day’s program includes a range of diverse talks and discussions from scientific and artistic perspectives alike. DeCYPher partners’ contributions include an overview of deCYPher by project coordinator Marjan De Mey (Ghent University), an exploration of AI’s transformative impact on biotechnology by Pieter Coussement (ML6), a discussion on the use of CYPs in our bio-based production approach by Katja Cankar (Wageningen University & Research), and an intervention exploring the convergence of synthetic biology and AI by Markus Schmidt (Biofaction).

Artistic and other perspectives include, to list a few examples, an insightful presentation on digital memory preservation titled “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost” by Lyndsey Walsh. Other notable talks cover interdisciplinary research perspectives by Christina Stadlbauer, and a unique lecture performance on “Heat Work” by Samir Bhowmik and Vishnu Vardhani.


For the full schedule, featuring all program points, see here.

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The event will be streamed online. For further updates and news keep an eye on our LinkedIn page.